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New Contributor

Remote computer already in session

When I access logmein website to remote into one of my computer, that computer shows "in session" already.  Also, when I physical go to the that remote computer (host) it's locked.  Does this mean someone has accessed the host computer remotely and did not log out properly?  If so, I how do I unlocked so I can access host from host? 

New Contributor

Re: Remote computer already in session

estou tendo  mesmo problema..... quando consigo acessar, apenas consigo visualisar a tela, nao tenho acesso aos arquivos. o mouse movimenta mas nao clica. 

Active Contributor

Re: Remote computer already in session

Open the Dashboard rather than Remote Control.

Go to Preferences, and Advanced. Click View Reboot Options.

Click Restart LogMeIn.


This will not restart the computer, only LogMeIn - and doing so will disconnect any existing sessions - including yours. Give it a minute to restart the service and then reconnect to the computer.