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Account holder is the only account that can assign computers to users

This is a weird issue that we have been managing for a while, but would like to see if there is any advice on how to resolve.


Our company has been using LMI Central for many years and has helped us support our customer base and staff as we have grown. A recurring issue is that sometimes only the original account (I think this is defined as the Account Holder account) is able to assign machines to users. The problem is that this account belongs to our CEO and they are not always immediately available to assist with such a trivial issue.


Again this problem only occurs with some user - computer assignments, 98% of the time all other admins on the account have no issue granting access to a computer.


We have been in contact with LMI support to resolve the issue, but they were unable to help, I'm hoping that someone in the community might be able to office some guidance.

GoTo Moderator

@SNA_BSTU  If you are stating that this limitation only occurs with some computers, have you noticed any common threads with the OS or User Account set up and rights granted?

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We seem to be having the same issue, has there been any updates from support?